About Us

Rōnin Sports Apparel is not just a martial arts and sports gear brand, and our mask distinguishes us, not to hide but to stand out as warriors ~ those who are willing to pay with blood, sweat and tears to achieve greatness.

Whether that is a victory in the ring or achieving of personal goals and milestones. The menpō or face mask, worn by samurai it served a dual purpose the obvious being to protect the wearer's face. The other was to instill fear by making the wearer seem bigger. It is our hope that by using our gear we hope that you feel the warriors spirit imbued within it.

We are a small business with big goals, punching above our weight wherever possible, while looking to make an impact within the combat sports scene. The entire team at Rōnin are passionate about what we do and aim to provide high-quality yet affordable gear to our customers, to help everyone find their fight

We are guided by the Rōnin way, a goal of mastering your craft and achieving through discipline. Our introductory gear highlights these values with each piece designed and manufactured to provide you with durable equipment, crafted with intent and built to protect.

We are ever evolving as a company, and expanding the business to cover every aspect of competitive combat apparel and equipment, for both participant and trainer. But more importantly, be the company affiliated with the brands that inspires you to do more, to train further and fight harder.